IT Strategy Advisor

What I Do For You

I help clients improve their operations and grow their businesses through the strategic use of technology.

I combine my experience in IT with my vision and commercial acumen to help define, design and execute IT strategies that drive business growth and/or reduce costs and/or create new revenue streams.


With over 35 years in the software industry I’ve built up a wide range of experience covering IT operations, application development & testing,  web and mobile platforms, digital marketing and more recently in blockchain technology.

My entrepreneurial background has also given me a strong commercial understanding, gained from 25 years operating as a board director and from running my own companies.

I have a keen eye for identifying ineffective processes in corporate IT environments. I’m a strong proponent for reducing complexity to drive greater agility and shorten the time it takes to bring new initiatives to the market.

I enjoy working with C-level executives and business owners who want to exploit technology to build stronger companies. As an advisor my goal is to make a substantial long-term contribution to the management of companies that want to grow.

Why Use Me?

I have worked with many organisations, corporates and SMEs, in many sectors to bring business transformation benefits from software technology.

With my technical background I am able to relate to people at all levels of the IT function. I’m also skilled at building relationships with non-IT people from the work floor up to CEO level.

I also pride myself in being able to simplify and demystify complex topics for non-technical board-level executives.

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