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What I Do For You

I help my clients get their software projects completed on time and with better quality. This outcome directly affects their bottom line as it enables them to bring new products to the market quicker and to start generating new revenues or to achieve projected cost savings and efficiencies sooner.

What Qualifies Me?

I’ve written many articles on the software development life-cycle (SDLC) because I have a passionate belief that implementing best practices is essential for any organisation that wants to improve their software delivery capabilities.

I’ve seen with my own eyes the significant value to be gained by rooting out poor development practices and replacing them with best practices. When I implemented a best practice initiative in my own company I saw how a series of marginal gains had a major impact on productivity. An important by-product of these gains was that it also lead to an increase in morale all round.

The developers produced better code with less issues resulting in happier users and a positive feedback loop that everybody benefited from. The impact on the bottom line was also significant as it took less time to get good software delivered thereby reducing both rework and cost.

I now advise companies on how to implement a best practice initiative to achieve significant improvements in their development productivity and in the quality of software they produce.

How Does It Work?

A typical initiative would run over a period of up to 6 months. This is a realistic timescale in which to effect noticeable improvement and to see a measurable ROI for the effort invested. After the success has been measured you can then repeat the process in the true kaizen style of continuous improvement.

I work by breaking the focus into different disciplines such as development, testing, project management etc. I then work with each team to identify a detailed set of improvement goals.

Then we go to work by applying a series of marginal gains step by step to achieve the bigger goals. All of this is achieved whilst still allowing the teams to work at their day jobs.

At the end of the period there will be significant measurable gains in the software development process as will as many hidden/softer benefits.

As an example, I’ve seen relationships between teams improve as they both share a common goal of excellence. Relationships between developers and users can improve too as the users begin to see better quality software delivered.

When I originally ran my own initiative we were so pleased with the gains we got that we rinsed and repeated the process over a number of years.

With each new best practice initiative we saw increasing gains in productivity and quality. Over a number of years we transformed ourselves into a far more effective and higher quality development organisation.

Why Use Me?

One of the benefits I bring to the process is that I can operate at a technical level with the individual teams whilst working to a board/management mandate.

I can bring an unbiased approach to the initiative. I come with a fresh outlook to the situation unburdened by any past issues and I can quickly build relationships and get buy-in from different teams.

I pride myself on being able to empathise and converse with technical people at all levels whilst at the same time ensuring that management goals are achieved. As a business owner myself the bottom-line is always a key focus for me.

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