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What I Do For You

I help clients grow their businesses by attracting a new audience of buyers that they previously had no contact with.

I help my clients define what they want to be famous for and then I help them establish themselves as the pre-eminent choice for prospective buyers in their market.


I’ve worked with many SMEs who struggle to grow their business because they are so busy caught up in day-to-day operations. A common theme with these businesses is that they are technically very good at their work but very poor at marketing themselves.

In his seminal, must-read, book “The E-Myth” Michael Gerber described this as “entrepreneurial seizure”. This occurs when an expert in a particular skill starts a business and ends up “doing it, doing it, doing it“. The expert is so busy doing it that he finds little time to promote the business.

Having run businesses myself I understand how easy it is to fall into this trap but I also know that it is a trap that you have to get yourself out of if you are to grow the business.

I have worked with numerous businesses that are leave huge sums of money on the table because they haven’t positioned themselves in front of their customers and prospects. The irony of it is that they are real experts at their jobs but nobody knows this because they have little or no market positioning.

Over the last 8-10 years I’ve devoted much my time to understanding and embracing digital marketing and social media in my businesses. In that time I’ve become a big advocate for content marketing as a strategy for attracting new audiences to your business.

Why Use Me?

For many businesses the term “digital marketing” is a mystery to them. They may have a hunch that it’s something they should be doing but they have no idea how to implement a digital marketing strategy. They may have a Facebook and/or Twitter account but they have no real idea how to use it.

For me the key to any marketing strategy is to get the positioning right. The first goal is to establish what the business wants to be famous for and then to build a unique selling proposition around that. The next key then is to establish the business as the pre-eminent choice in their sector. The way to achieve this is to use a content-based approach to marketing.

Content can mean anything such as testimonials, case studies, photographs, videos, interviews, press coverage, white papers or special reports, blogs, presentations, webinars, infographics etc etc. This list might appear daunting to you if you are coming to digital marketing as a newbie but it’s not something to be scared of. Many companies already have some of this content already but they are just not exploiting it.

With some good content prepared then the focus is on how to use different channels to spread the content to the target audience. This is where social media plays a big role. Channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc become important vehicles to attract the right kind of prospects into your orbit. It’s all about building a profile that prospects come to know, like and trust.

Here are some of the ways I can help you get your digital marketing strategy off the ground:

  • Establish what the business wants to be famous for
  • Help define a unique selling proposition
  • Define the perfect target audience
  • Map out a content marketing strategy to attract this audience
  • Help with producing good content
  • Identify the best channels to target for your audience
  • Help with setting up and managing your social media channels and your website
  • Define the marketing funnels to be used for different targets and sources
  • Help with building an automated marketing machine
  • Advise on the best tools and technologies to control your marketing
  • Advise on how to use low-cost offshore resources to manage the marketing load
  • etc.

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